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Ensuring your success means we're driven by some rather fundamental principles.

"AQM have a thorough understanding of the key dynamics of our business, work well with our team and are a valuable resource in assisting us to achieve our goals."

Lauren Trembath, General Manager, Time Life

Involving staff in the big picture encourages a feeling of "belonging" and promotes positive contribution.

At AQM we have found that there are 3 simple fundamental business drivers that guide us when working with clients.

These have proved time and again to be crucial in helping your business understand where it is now and how to assist in improving your people, process and business.

The AQM Company Philosophy

1. Listen to the customer:

The customer base is communicating directly and indirectly everyday.

By actively listening to the customer and understanding their wants and needs and their perception of the provider then - and only then - can the business evolve. 


2. Listen to the staff within the business and look at what works and what does not in assisting them in their role:

Staff are often the largest investment any business makes.

We invariably hire smart people with a view that they will contribute to growth and improving the business.
Involving them in the bigger picture, understanding key frustrations and allowing for clear and constructive communication means that they “belong” and also that they know where the business is heading and how they can contribute.


3. Have clear measures in place and monitor them constantly:

The well worn phrase “If you can’t measure it you can’t manage it” is still as valid today as when it was first spoken.

By understanding where you are against where you need to be, confirming that targets are met or identifying areas of issue are all critical in managing the performance of the company.


To discuss how your business can evolve, come and talk to us obligation-free about your business philosophy.