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Collection of personal information

When you e-mail us:

1. We will record your email address
2. We will only use your email address for the purpose for which you provided it 

3. It will not be added to a mailing list unless you have specifically given permission for it to be done so. (Eg for mystery shopping projects). 

4. We will not use your email address for any other purposes and we will not disclose it without your consent.

Other personal information collected by us, for example through the use of an on-line form, will only:
1. Be collected by lawful and fair means and be used for a lawful purpose with your consent, and 

2. The purpose for collection should be clear and explicit. (eg To allow us to build a profile of your skills, ability’s and background to enable us to select you for specific mystery shopping projects)

Other personal information:

1. Some Mystery Shopping projects require that your name, address and other contact details be given to a client for the purpose of the project (eg for inclusion on a telemarketing list). This information will only be supplied to a client when you have agreed to be involved in the project. 

2. AQM will request that all information supplied to the client be removed at the conclusion of the project (Unless of course there is a valid reason for the information to remain with them) 

3. For projects that require the use of a credit card to purchase products or services – AQM do not collect or store information pertaining to the card in any way. 

4. It is a condition of use of the cards that the client is able to prove that information collected by them is secure, that they abide by the conditions of the Privacy Protection Act and information can be deleted following the conclusion of the project (unless there is a valid reason for it to remain on file)

Security information:

1. Your personal information will not be released unless the law permits it or your permission is given. We provide a secure environment and a reliable system but you should be aware that there may be inherent risks associated with the transmission of information via the Internet.

For more information regarding our Privacy Policy please contact our Chief Privacy Officer and Managing Director Bob Stevenson on 02 9977 9002.

Australian Quality Monitoring is an active member of the Australian Direct Marketing Association (ADMA) – For more information on the goals, codes of conduct and guidelines of ADMA visit

National “DO NOT CALL” Register:

The Do Not Call (DNC) Register has been set up in response to increasing community concern about the growth in unsolicited telemarketing calls.

The register is managed by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA)

There are serious penalties for businesses for breaches of the legislation including fines of up to $1.1 million.

Following consultation with a number of our clients and having reviewed the legislation in detail AQM has determined a policy that any members of the public that wish to be involved in our Mystery Shopping projects must not have their details logged on the DNC register.

To check if your details are listed on the DNC register you can do so by going on line to

Or by calling 1300 792 958 (this number can also be used to remove your name from the register.)

By applying for and/or accepting a position on a mystery shopping project with AQM it is our understanding that you confirm that your details are not logged with the DNC register and should this situation change at any stage during a project that you will inform us of such.


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