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Shopper News

Our mystery shoppers are one of our biggest assets. We regularly receive feedback from them ranging from innovative suggestions to tales of the ridiculous!! See below for regular stories, achievements and interesting aspects from our mystery shopper team.

21 August 2012

New and exciting "mystery shopper" assignments become available for the AQM shopper team

Although AQM typically report on email, web or telephony point contact points for our clients, we have also worked closely for many years with our business partners TrueLogic whose expertise lies in the retail and face to face contact area.
Imagine earning cash or rewards for dining at your favourite restaurant, shopping at retail outlets, or doing other things you would typically pay money to do!

Work and have fun at the same time!

AQM are proud to have a long partnership with the team at TrueLogic and are pleased to introduce our shoppers to additional ways to be in involved in mystery shopping assignments

You can become a Mystery or "Secret" Shopper and Earn rewards and cash for posing as a shopper and answering questionnaires and giving feedback about customer service, sales skills, products, procedures, and facilities!

Imagine earning cash or rewards for dining at your favourite restaurant, shopping at retail outlets, or doing other things you would typically pay money to do!

If you have not yet registered please join up to become a Mystery Shopper, it's FREE!


27 December 2011

For all our Shoppers we hope 2012 is a happy, healthy and prosperous year for you and your families.

The year of 2011 is now behind us and on behalf of everyone at AQM I’d like to thank you for your support in the various mystery shopping campaigns that we run over the last 12 months as of course without you we couldn’t have done it!

It is of course evident that the coming 12 months will likely be challenging for many businesses and we are already working with a number of our clients to assist them in weathering the storm and to improve the business processes and working with their people to ensure that existing customers continue to receive exceptional levels of service and that potential customers experience the very best in service delivery and are helped in whatever way possible to ensure that they get their business.

Here at AQM we are of course always interested in speaking to new potential customers and have planned to make 2012 a period of significant growth (Which of course bodes well for the shoppers and the more projects we run the more employment opportunities we can offer you?)

As such we would be happy to hear from any of you that may have friends and family that would like to discuss working with us?

Ideally we look to speak with companies that have some form of call or contact centre and that receive regular contact from potential customers via telephone or email.

Alternatively, as customer retention is a large part of what we do we are equally interested in speaking with people that provide customer service facilities via phone or email.

A financial incentive would of course also be given for any successful business discussions that are concluded as a result of your assistance.

To discuss further please feel free to contact me under strictest confidence.

Thanks and I hope to hear from you in the near future

Bob Stevenson


6 August 2011

The You Factor!

AQM have a growing number of mystery shoppers registered as being interested in working with us on our Quality Monitoring projects.
Shoppers come from all walks of life and as could be expected each person brings their own expectations and experiences on a range of sales and service channels.
When recruiting shoppers for projects we look to select people whose demographic best matches the client prospects or customers to allow realistic feedback from the customer base.

If you would be interested in registering to be informed when we are hiring for projects or would like to find out more please click on the “Register with AQM” link above.