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These guidelines for conducting AQM projects also include some great tips

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Guidelines for Conducting AQM Projects

1. Review the assignment details prior to accepting the assignment and again before undertaking the assignment:

Pay careful attention to your requirements, for example:-
When to complete an assignment,
What is required of you, and
Who the company is.

2. Keep Records:

Keep a record of the calls that you make (we find a notebook for taking notes and dedicated solely for the use of work is a good way to do it). Aside from helping to jog your memory when filling out the online feedback sheet, the notes also give you a backup reference in case you need to check details at a later date.

3. Complete assignments only on the assigned day and at the exact time noted on the project notes (if applicable):

Contact AQM if there is any issue with completing the assignment after acceptance.
We require a minimum 24 hours notice to arrange alternative shoppers.

4. Purchase the goods or services as per the assignment requirements:

Should it be required, the assignment details will specify what you are to purchase as part of the assignment.
In most cases these items must be returned and we will arrange a refund for this service.
Important: You will never be left “out of pocket” for items purchased through an assignment with us that was agreed upon.

5. Note times:

Ensure that you have noted the exact time you began and ended the assignment.
Do not use approximates – record the ACTUAL TIME if required to do so.

6. Difficulties within a call:

If there are problems with a person or process encountered during the call please contact us immediately.
AQM are then able to advise the client immediately for them to do something about it, rather than when it is too late and further damage has been done by an agent who is not working according to the company’s expectation or if a problem has become apparent.

7. Pay attention to the conversation:

Listen carefully to the information being offered to you. Make careful notes throughout the call to help jog your memory when filling out the feedback report.
You must NEVER type notes or be typing whilst making the call. This can be a clear giveaway that you are filling out a report on them and you must be concentrating on what is being said rather than trying to mark them as they say it.


Please keep comments of a personal or colloquial nature (eg. This rep was “Tops”) out of the assignment (positive or negative) and ONLY comment as to specific issues relating to this experience.
Do not use slang, colloquial or SMS language in your feedback report unless it is in reference to what an agent has said to you.

9. Confidentiality:

As per the terms of becoming a mystery shopper, confidentiality is critical.
Under NO circumstance are you to reveal your identity as a Mystery Shopper.

10. Complete the assignment:

AQM requires assignments to be submitted WITHIN 24 Hours.
We recommend that you enter all details online immediately after conducting the assignment.
Alternatively, write all responses on the questionnaire you have printed and then enter the information as soon as possible within the 24 hours time period.


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